Dentures & Partials

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Dentures & Partials

Whether your smile is marred by a few missing teeth or many, custom dentures and partials can offer an affordable way to restore the benefits of a complete, healthy smile. Dr. Fisher and Dr. Zitterich will design your replacement teeth to look and feel natural and provide years of comfort and function.

Full Dentures

This option is a good choice if you’ve lost all or most of their teeth. Full dentures contain complete upper and/or lower rows of natural-looking hand-made teeth anchored in acrylic bases. If you have been missing teeth for some time, you may have noticed that your face may look “caved in” and “scrunched up”. Dr. Fisher and Dr. Zitterich design your dentures personally to restore the proper fullness and shape to your face and give you a beautiful smile again.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture may be a good choice if your mouth still has some healthy teeth. Dr. Fisher and Dr. Zitterich will create a comfortable, easy-to-wear partial denture that contains as many prosthetic teeth as needed to fill gaps in your smile. Partials not only complete your smile, they prevent existing teeth from drifting out of position over time.

Attaching Your Replacement Teeth

Natural suction or over-the-counter adhesive such as Fixodent, Polygrip or SeaBond typically holds full dentures in place. Partials attach to healthy anchor teeth with unobtrusive clasps. Dr. Fisher and Dr. Zitterich may recommend securing your dentures with conventional dental implants or mini implants to help stabilize them for maximum security and chewing ability. See IMPLANT DENTISTRY

We’ll assess your needs and explain your options to help you make an informed decision regarding your replacement teeth.