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Laser Treatment for Gum Disease

We Use the New iLASE Soft Tissue Laser for Deep Cleanings

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss for American adults. Reports indicate that millions of people are unaware that they have gum disease, and about 30% of the population are genetically susceptible to contracting the condition. Other risk factors include smoking, pregnancy, puberty, stress, grinding teeth, poor nutrition, diabetes, and poor oral hygiene. When gum disease sets in, it destroys soft tissue which can make the gums red and swollen, bleed easily, and eventually recede dramatically. Left untreated, this can ultimatley lead to jawbone deterioration, as well as tooth loss.

If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, or if they appear, red, swollen, or are tender to the touch, you may have gum disease. Depending upon the severity of your case, Dr. Fisher, Dr. Zitterich and Glenda, our hygienist, may recommend deep cleaning to reverse the condition. Our office uses the newest, most gentle soft tissue laser, the iLASE, to treat the pockets infected by bacteria and periodontal disease. This procedure is called “sulcular debridement,” and it involves removing bacteria below the gumline, along with diseased gum tissue. We perform this therapy in conjunction with subgingival scaling to improve the health of the gums and the bone supporting the teeth. Our ultimate goal is to help you avoid tooth loss.

During your appointment, mild anesthesia, if needed, will ensure that you stay completely comfortable. We will use an ultrasonic scaler to remove hardened plaque, called tartar or calculus, from your teeth. Next, we will smooth rough tooth roots where plaque and bacteria tend to accumulate below the gumline. We’ll also irrigate the pockets between the teeth and gums to wash away debris and sterilize the area. The soft tissue laser will disinfect the pocket and seal blood vessels, nerve endings, and lymphatics so that there is no infection, bleeding, or swelling following laser treatment.

Soft tissue laser therapy for deep cleanings presents many advantages. The laser beam seals as it removes damaged tissue, so there is no bleeding. Because of the reduced trauma, most patients feel better than they would after traditional deep cleanings.