Dental anxiety is a common phobia that affects millions of Americans. At Fisher & Zitterich Dentistry, we use several forms of patient sedation and have many office amenities to make your experience with us as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

Patient Sedation

Many people experience dental anxiety. This common phobia affects millions of Americans, but it is easily treatable. Dr. Fisher and Dr. Zitterich offer safe, soothing sedation methods to calm your nerves and allay your fears.

At your consultation, Dr. Fisher and Dr. Zitterich will discuss your concerns, as well as your medical history and current medications, if any. If you’re a candidate for sedation dentistry, Dr. Fisher and Dr. Zitterich will help you choose the right method for your unique needs. We offer:


  • Oral Sedation – You’ll take a safe, commonly prescribed sedative prior to your visit and relax into a state of complete calm. Most patients sleep though the whole process. Oral sedation wears off gradually and leaves patients with no memory of treatment details. You cannot drive while sedated, so you’ll need to have a friend or family member bring you and take you home.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation – As with oral sedation, you’ll take a sedative to alleviate anxiety, but Dr. Fisher and Dr. Zitterich will administer nitrous oxide (laughing) gas during your procedures to enhance sedation. The effects of this sedation method diminish gently following treatment, so you’ll need someone to bring you and take you home.
  • Nitrous Oxide – Also known as laughing gas, this commonly used anesthetic is inhaled through a mask. Nitrous oxide alleviates anxiety and diminishes potential discomfort. It wears off quickly following completion of your procedures so you are fine to drive yourself home or back to work.
  • OraVerse – Many people aren’t at all fearful of dental treatment, they just “hate” that numb feeling afterwards. For them,  OraVerse is the answer. This is a revolution in the field of dental anesthetics. Granted, you want to be comfortably numb to during a filling, crown preparation, or root canal treatment. But once you leave our office, you’d rather not be numb to go home, shopping, to lunch with friends, or even back to work. OraVerse comes in liquid form, and a small dose is administered as we are finishing your procedure. It is a “reversal” agent and causes the anesthetic to wear off much faster than it would otherwise. So now you can get on with the rest of your day and feel back to normal faster than ever before.


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