Single-Tooth Replacement

Implant Dentistry

Single-Tooth Replacement in Rockwall

When you lose a tooth, you should always want to replace it, especially when it’s visible in your smile. But many patients don’t think about replacing teeth that don’t show. Though aesthetics are often a main concern when considering replacing a missing tooth, your general health is also important to Dr. Fisher and Dr. Zitterich. As implant dentists, they know that any missing tooth can have a negative impact on your self-esteem, oral health, and even your overall health. When you chew, healthy teeth stimulate the bone in your jaw to keep it growing and healthy, much like running or lifting weights keeps the muscles in your body in shape. Losing a tooth means the jaw bone shrinks and deteriorates, and healthy teeth drift and shift towards the gap left by the missing tooth. This creates both an occlusion problem (how your teeth fit together) and a functional problem (how you chew).